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Am I fair-dinkum or am I sp*m?

JP sent out a twitter today about my campaign to raise money for the people of Samoa and someone wrote back that this idea might be spam. I admit I was a little surprised, but it did get me thinking that people might not trust that I mean what I say. So I’ve just set up a link to the Pacific Tsunami (Samoa & Tonga) Appeal 2009 for Australian Red Cross on my page http://www.everydayhero.com.au/kimina I will be donating the money that comes through for my book direct on to this fundraising page. That way you get to buy the book and donate at the same time. Or you can simply donate to my Red Cross fundraising page direct (and then you won’t get a book). Or, send money yourself however you want! I’m not really fussed, I just want the people of Samoa and Tonga not to get forgotten. Thanks again!