Out of the blue

I have first-hand experience of trauma while working as a journalist and foreign correspondent.

On December 26, 2004, I was standing on a remote beach in Thailand, staring at the horizon and trying to make sense of what I was seeing. What happened next changed the trajectory of my life. My book, Out of the Blue is  a first-hand account of experiencing trauma as a journalist, and a human being.

“I started around 4pm on Sunday arvo, and around midnight it was done.  Save for the intermittent tea breaks, I pretty much devoured it in one go.  Or it devoured me, not sure. I was intrigued, enthralled, shocked and terribly moved by your story.” Cyndi
“I had my eyeballs dragging in the mud for a week because I spent far too many nights unable to put it down and turn out the light at night! What a compelling read it is and a moving insight into your journey and the plight of the people of Thailand.” Ruth
“At the time of the tsunami I had been one of those people too-far-removed to accurately identify with it.  But no more: now, I have been touched by your witness – I have been disturbed and sleepless while journeying through the trauma with you, and at the end I have washed up on the shores of hope, compassion and humility.” Denise
“It’s a rare day I find a book that I just devour. ‘Out Of The Blue’ was one such book. It gave me a far more ‘real’ feeling for the culture of Thailand; the reactions of real people in the face of disaster; an inside look at the post-tsunami process; and all written with the clarity of a journalist coupled with the wonderfully warm, human, intimate style of Kimina Lyall as a person. Loved every page.” Carolyn
“I read this book in a day… I couldn’t put it down. I loved the personal perspective that the author gave and I loved the way it flowed. Many of the themes presented in this book resonated with me, particularly the ideas around heeding the warning signs around us and following (or not) your instincts.” Matt
“I don’t want to say that it was a great read, because “great” is the wrong word. It was an everything read really, ranging from harrowing to informative and so very personal too, which of course is the kind of emotional turmoil I would expect. I don’t know of another book like it – thank you for writing it.” James